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"Loss is loss, whatever the circumstances. All losses are bad, only bad in different ways. No two losses are ever the same. Each loss stands on its own and inflicts a unique kind of pain. What makes each loss catastrophic is its devastating, cumulative, irreversible nature. " A grace disguised - by j Sittser (posted by Cheryl Brown)

So thankful for a life full of love and peace. - Robert Brown

To Rachael.
Even though I didn't get the chance to meet you I can say that you are as beautiful as your mommy. I'm sure that you and Eli would have had lots of fun together growing up together. I will be sure to tell your story to Eli when he gets older and share your pictures with him. Love you always Your cousin Mike

To Cheryl and Baaaawb,
I am so thankful to hear all the wonderful things this baby got to do with the two of you. I am also so thankful to have spent so much time with the 3 of you during the pregnancy. You have all changed my life in ways you'll probably never understand and you've given me advice and companionship that I couldn't be more grateful for. As much as I wanted to meet Rachael Dawn, I am glad I gave you space to get through this. And as much as I wish Rachael were here with all of us, making our lives that much better, I am still SO thankful to have the two of you in my life and couldn't be happier that Cheryl made it through such a difficult birth. I love the three of you and can't wait to spend more time with two of the only people I know who could get through something like this. My very best tears go to you. Love, Mackenzie

 You are a beautiful little Angel and will be loved and missed every day.
  Love Mike, Kim, Tony, Bri, Ava, Eli

Dear ones...we pray that the grace and peace of God will fill you to overflowing as you grieve the loss of your precious babe. Thank you for sharing so openly and honestly about this very difficult journey... Dave and Deb Samson (Gina Levine's parents)

Rob and Cheryl
Thank you for this loving, courageous, and detailed dairy of Rachael's life. Rachael was extremely blessed to have the both of you as her mommy and daddy. You were able to give her the touch, caresses, and prayers that she needed during her short time with you. Know that prayers for you are daily being offered from next door. May God grant you His Peace. Carol

 Helen Keller stated, "Death is no more than passing from one room into another. But there's a difference for me, you know. Because in that other room I shall be able to see."

For Rachael, she is able to play, laugh, do cartwheels and smile in that other room as she waits for the rest of us. But she does so with the knowledge that she was loved and loved well by her parents. Not every soul that passes through this life can have that blessing, but Rachael did. That was your gift to her. But it was also a gift to you. Within that love, you two are forever changed for the better. You will always be a better version of yourselves because of her. Rachael's legacy is that her parents will go forth, sharing that love and making the world a better place for their family and friends.

As a mom and grandma and your friend, I can hardly allow myself to imagine your pain and your loss. But I also see how you have captured and hold dear the joy and the blessing and I am awed and inspired by you. I am here for you, I love you, my heart is with you always.
Lea Lea

Dear Cheryl and Rob,
 Thank you for sharing this story about your beautiful baby, Rachael. She could not have had more loving parents. You are in our prayers.
Susan Lydon and family

Rachel, In heaven may you radiate with love and joy. For all those whose lives you have touched you will live on forever in their hearts.
 xoxo, Johanna Long

Some souls are meant to fly
They touch down breifly to say hi
Then they are off to explore the heavens
leaving us down here to say goodbye
thankful for the light they brought.

That is you, Rachael Dawn

Although now that you have left
the world might feel
a little darker, a bit sadder
we are all better off for having
been touched by you

 Becuase the love you brought
will be here forever

- Raymond Authier

Holy God, yours is the beauty of childhood and yours in the fullness of years. Comfort us in our sorrow, strengthen us with hope, and breathe peace into our troubled hearts. Assure us that the love in which we rejoiced for a time is not lost, and that Rachael is with you, safe in your eternal love and care. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, who took little children into his arms and blessed them.

Amen. by Peter Bueler - Jan Dorrance